This Is It?

So here we have it, four months after Michael Jackson’s tragic death a feature length film chronicling the dress rehearsal footage in preparation for his string of shows that were meant to played in the London O2 arena from the end of July onward. But as the very last performance footage of the late King of Pop, is Michael Jackson’s This is It a fitting swansong to his legacy? In short, the answer is yes.

To be perfectly honest I was initially sceptical of watching the film as I had become sick of the media attention surrounding Jackson’s death. I felt it was about time his family were left alone and he was allowed to rest in peace. It was the least he deserved given the impact he brought to pop music. But a few of my friends highly recommended that I see the film and, since I had a ticket to see one of these shows myself at one stage, I decided that it may be a good idea to see what the world has missed out on. So this morning I treated myself to two whole hours of the legend that is…Michael Jackson.

Putting his personal life aside for the purposes of this blog entry and focusing only on him for his musical talents the man certainly still had it and gave it 110% even at the rehearsals. From Thriller to Black and White, Beat It to Man in the Mirror, you could see that Jackson had lost none of his talent in both singing and dancing and that the show he was going to bring to London would be a sensation to both the eyes and the ears. His show was going to be a spectacle filled with extravagant set pieces and videos (particularly Smooth Criminal, Thriller and The Earth Song), amazing dance sequences and, above all, pop songs that were second to none. After a few setbacks in attempts to comeback into the music scene these shows would have without a doubt thrust the singer back into stardom.

Not just focusing on Michael Jackson himself, the film features interviews with some of the backing vocalists, dancers and stage crew working on the “This Is It” shows. All of them share their enthusiasm for the musician, exclaiming how they wouldn’t be where they are today if not for the King of Pop. And in one of the film’s more touching moments, we see Jackson address all of these people personally telling them that “they are like a family to him”. If you are a Michael Jackson fan, go and see it this film. As unfortunate as the circumstances may be, this film is more than worthy of closing the final chapter in the book that is Michael Jackson.

So is this truly it? I don’t think so. Michael Jackson may be gone, but what he brought music fans all over the world will never be forgotten, and I think musicians and dancers will continued to be inspired by and remember him for many years to come.

But you don’t have to take my opinion on it, there are various other reviews that are worth checking out.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson – 1958 to 2009.

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